My name is Lauren and I'm an Australian student just trying to navigate through my twenties as painlessly as possible. 
When I'm not glued to my laptop drafting a blog post, I am an undergraduate psychology student and a high-level competitive cheerleader (which you can read about here). I enjoy traveling, sleeping, and bingeing TV shows, and have a deeeeep love of Pasta.

The inception of Looking For Loz

When I was 17 years old, I decided to make a youtube channel. Putting it bluntly, it was a disaster. I uploaded (and have since deleted) a grand total of 2 videos that make me want to die of embarrassment whenever anyone ever mentions them, and I learned very quickly that whilst I enjoy the process of creating videos, I don't revel in the idea of people actually viewing them (which kind of defeats the purpose).

This became a problem. I wanted to have a creative outlet so desperately, but I had no idea of how to go about it without putting myself out there in a way that made me uncomfortable or nervous. Eventually, I decided to combine my love for chatting shit with my love of creative writing, and with a bit of research of HTML and the purchase of a domain name, Looking for Loz was born. 

Here, I share with you my (potentially relatable) thoughts regarding university, travel, personal development, and my future career, as well as other things that interest me like cheerleading, books and tv shows. I hope that somewhere along the way, I can make sense of my often confusing and constantly evolving twenties, and potentially help you make sense of yours.

        - Loz

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